Generating a unique retail strategy through the integration of sensory marketing, Brand DNA, Merchandising, architecture, Neuromarketing, Branding, digital technology, graphic and industrial design, thus achieving the success of the project.
Given the great competition that currently exists between products and services, in the retail world it is no longer enough to create the space from an architectural vision, you have to seduce the consumer’s brain to provide rewarding experience every time you make a purchase.


This advanced discipline is revolutionizing research and studies in brain processes that will lead consumers to make one or another decision at the time of purchase.
Arquimagenes has a group of international consultants in applied neuro-science that together with the most advanced equipment of Eye Tracking, neuronal tracking and Biometric Measurements, have managed to deepen the behavior of the human conscious and subconscious, obtaining unique insights that contribute not only to seduce the mind of the users and maximize their experience, but also ensure the optimal use of resources in the designed spaces.

The different points below are the tools that complement what has been said previously as far as the study of the brain is concerned. 

Neuro Experience Design│Consists in evaluating neuroscientificly the designs and spaces both at the render and real spaces.

Neuro Sense Experience│Every detail is evaluated, from the flavors and aromas for the most sophisticated environments, to the colors, sounds and textures present in each space.

Neuro Concept Analysis│It is accompanied in the evaluation and, if necessary, new concepts are generated for the brands of the clients and this way the process of transformation and repositioning is supported from the analysis of the human subconscious.

Neuro Corporate Identity Test│The current corporate image or new proposals are evaluated with the most advanced techniques and methodologies of Neuromarketing.

Neuro Packaging Design│Advice is provided on the design of the packaging to make them vibrant and excel at the point of sale